Connected Devices - IOT

World being lead into the direction of pervasive computing, where every devices getting connected to internet and becoming smart enough to make people’s life smarter. We have been involved deeply in enriching our expertise and capabilities towards adaptation of Internet of Things (IoT) in several devices. With our experience in building M2M / IoT devices and adapting them to several end solutions, we can cater effective system design and software development services for IoT Node and gateways.

Connected Device Class

  • Modbus / WiFi / BLE Based Nodes
  • IoT Gateways / Edge Routers
  • Cellular Telemetry Devices / Remote Terminal Units

Software Services

  • Firmware development for IoT Nodes
  • Embedded Linux BSP for Gateways
  • Application development for Gateways
  • Build and Test Automation for Gateways and Nodes

Sensor Interfacing

  • Interfacing Digital and Analog Sensors
  • Interfacing Preprocessed IOs from Serial Sensors
  • Remote Sensors through Modbus, BLE and Zigbee
  • High Speed Data Acquisition and Data Coalescing

Connectivity and Range Extension

  • LoRa
  • WiFi Mesh / BLE Mesh
  • GSM / GPRS

Cloud Integration

  • Integrating to Cloud Service Providers
  • Remote Communication Protocol using MQTT, COAP, HTTP
  • Secured Communication to Cloud using SSL.

Device Management

  • Firmware Upgrade Over the Air (FOTA)
  • Remote Control of Device (LWM2M)
  • Device Lifecycle Management

Gateway Features

  • Protocol Conversion
  • Data Aggregation and Filters
  • Local Processing and Decision Making

Design to Field Issues

  • Power Management for Battery Operated Devices
  • Offline Storage in Local Memory
  • Resilience using Hard and Soft Watchdog
  • Positioning and Locating