Announce: Dive Into Device Interfacing Workshop

Self-paced hands-on tutorial on how programs interact with devices in an embedded system.

Date and Time

  • Feb 1 (Sat), 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


The devsprint venue address is provided below:

Zilogic Systems (Block II),
Plot no. 4, Judges Avenue,
LB Road, Thiruvanmiyur

Location of the venue on Google maps: here


Ticket Type Price


Rs. 150

You will need to purchase a ticket with a small fee of 150 Rs to be able to attend this meetup. We have limited seats and would like to ensure that the RSVPs are taken seriously. The ticket charges will be used to provide a networking lunch at the end of the tutorial. Please purchase tickets at


You should be familiar with digital electronics fundamentals to benefit from this self-paced tutorial.

Bring your own laptop pre-installed with Java >=1.7 and Python >= 3.4

Event Format

The attendees will be provided with handouts, resource materials and exercises, that they can practice hands-on in their own pace. Mentors will be available to help out with clarifying doubts and resolving issues, encountered during the tutorial. This will be followed by a networking lunch were people can interact with other participants, and learn from each other’s experiences.


This self-paced hands-on tutorial is for people interested in learning embedded systems or who would like to get started with learning device driver development on Linux. A firm grasp of how devices are connected to a system and how programs interact with them, is required. This tutorial is aimed at giving a deep insight to how programs interact with devices, through hands-on experiments.

This objective of this self-paced tutorial is provided below:

  • Learn device interfacing basics

  • Learn to program in assembly

  • Learn to interact with memory mapped devices like

    • Seven Segment Displays

    • LCDs

    • Keypads

    • GPIO Controllers

All this will be done through simulating an 8-bit CPU and peripherals using Logisim.