Announce: LTP Devsprint

We are happy to announce a devsprint for Linux Test Project (LTP). This devsprint is for developers who are familiar with Linux System Programming and would like to take a plunge into contributing to an open source project.

Date and Time

  • Feb 2 (Sat), 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


The devsprint venue address is provided below:

Zilogic Systems (Block II),
Plot no. 4, Judges Avenue,
LB Road, Thiruvanmiyur

Location of the venue on Google maps: here

Devsprint Ticket

Ticket Type Price (Inclusive of GST)


Rs. 120

Since the event has limited no. of seats, we expect people to buy a ticket, paying a token fee of approx. Rs. 120. This is to ensure that people take the RSVP a bit seriously. The amount will be used in part to pay for the lunch and tea. You can purchase tickets from


Should be familiar with the C programming and Linux system programming.

Event Format

In this meetup, we will be contributing test cases to the Linux Test Project. We will be forming 6 teams, each team will be assigned a mentor, who has previous experience contributing to the Linux Test Project. We will be working on the following test cases:

  1. Test Cases for RWF_NOWAIT flag

  2. Test Cases for RWF_APPEND flag

  3. Test Cases for copy_file_range()

  4. Test Cases for madvise()

  5. Test Cases for FIDEDUPERANGE ioctl

  6. Test Cases for FICLONE ioctl

Tentative Schedule

  • Introduction to LTP - 30 min

  • Team Split and Tea Break - 15 min

  • Understanding the Feature and Test Case Design - 2 hours

  • Lunch Break (will be provided) - 1 hour

  • Implementation of Test Case - 3 hours

  • Tea Break - 15 min

  • Patch Cleanup and Submission - 1 hour

Refund Policy

If you are not able to attend the event after purchasing the ticket, please let us know. We can arrange for the ticket to be transferred.