BlackKite-Fleet, Product Preview

BlackKite-Fleet is a compact, affordable and platform independent GPRS enabled vehicle tracking system. It features accurate SiRF IV GPS with rich set of IO for vehicle parameter monitoring and control.


  • Dual band GSM/GPRS Class 10 modem and high accurate SiRF IV 48-Channel GPS from Telit

  • Tamper proof design with built-in high gain antennas

  • Highly configurable TAG based protocol for reduced GPRS usage

  • Over-The-Air firmware upgrade via FTP

  • In-field configuration via SMS & GPRS

  • Remote device access with role based authentication (Admin & Manager)

  • Configurable device generated SMS alerts for IO change and over speed

  • Wider power input, 9–36 V for flexible vehicle installation

  • Improved location information with Instant Fix and static detection

  • Superior system stability through built-in watchdog

  • Dedicated SOS & Ignition input with device generated SMS alerts

  • 1100mAh Battery for longer fail safe operation

  • Surge protected and isolated digital inputs & outputs

  • Inbuilt wear leveled Flash storage to save 24 Hrs of data during GPRS outage

  • 5000+ Rigorous testing hours with 500+ use cases and 1000+ test cases ensures, fail safe and reliable operations.


Parameter Count

Digital Inputs


9 - 36V

Digital Outputs



Analog Inputs


0 - 30V

I/O Expansion


RS232 / 485