FireFly, Product Preview

FireFly is a family of highly customizable, robust and extensible variable message signs. Designed to be a cloud-ready, connected display for on-the-fly update.


  • Designed as M2M client, to display real-time updates from field devices

  • Network connectivity through Ethernet/GPRS/3G modem

  • Cloud connectivity through versatile MQTT/HTTP protocol

  • Available with simple SMS based control and update interface

  • In-system font rendering to display content on-the-fly

  • Multilingual support includes English and all regional languages

  • Supports bitmaps and animations

  • Display Real time clock

  • Configurable style and duration of display

  • Configurable windows with placement options

  • Supports remote modification of layouts and effects

  • Remote diagnostics, eliminating field visits for maintenance

  • Variants supporting single, tri-color and multi-color

  • Customizable sizes and pitches based on requirement.

  • Distributed PSU by SMPS with input overvoltage and output over load protection

  • 100 Hz refresh for flicker free operation

  • Each LED comes with sunlight hood to avoid direct sun light on LED for better visibility

  • Ready for indoor and outdoor applications


  • Passenger information display

  • Highway display

  • Dynamic route information display

  • Toll plaza information display

  • Mobile sign

  • Driver feedback display