ZKit-51 RS232 Transceiver

The RS232 Transceiver provides RS232 level conversion, and allows ZKit-51 to connect directly to RS232 port of other devices.


The ZKit-51 Transceiver offers the following features

  • TTL-RS232 Transceiver

  • D-type 9 pin female connector

  • Powered from motherboard

  • Compact board, accomodated within the D-shell of the connector

Sample Code


This sample demonstrates UART communication. When the program is executed, a string is transmitted through the serial interface, and can be seen using a serial terminal program like Hyperterminal or Minicom. The serial terminal program should be configured with the following parameters: 9600 baudrate, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. Also note that while using a serial terminal program, the USBSIO DIP switches 3 & 4 should be in OFF position.

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