ZKit-ARM-1769, ARM Development Kit

ZKit-ARM-1769 is a ARM Cortex M3 based micro-controller development kit from Zilogic Systems. The ZKit-ARM-1769 is capable of networking using Ethernet, CAN and RS-485 bus interface. The board comes along with a free and open source multitasking Unix like operating system called NuttX.



The ZKit-ARM-1769 offers the following features:

  • NXP LPC1769 micro-controller with 512KB Flash and 64KB RAM

  • 120MHz ARM CPU

  • Networking Interfaces

    • 10/100Mbps Ethernet Interface

    • Two Channel CAN Bus Interface (2.0 B)

    • RS-485 Bus Interface

    • UART Interfaces (TTL and USB-Serial)

  • Device Interface

    • USB 2.0 Device Interface

    • SPI Interface

    • I2C Interface

  • Storage

    • microSD Connector

    • 512KB on-chip Flash

    • 2K I2C EEPROM

  • Analog Interface

    • ADC, 12-bit, 4 channels

    • DAC, 10-bit, 1 channel

    • PWM, 5 channels

  • User Interface

    • 128x64 graphics LCD, with backlight

    • Five button keypad

    • 2 debug LEDs

  • Flashing/Debugging Interface

    • UART serial console

    • JTAG


  • No external power supply required

  • No external programmer required

  • Powered by free and open source software

  • Works both in Linux & Windows

  • Supported by NuttX - a small footprint RTOS for micro-controller environments

Extension Connectors

ZKit-ARM-1769 has a well defined IO connector interfaces for I2C, SPI, PWM, GPIO, SIO, AIO and CAN. It has standard FRC headers for extension. Add-on boards can be connected to these headers for exploring or building products

  • 10 pin header for UART/I2C

  • 10 pin header for SPI

  • 10 pin header for AIO

  • 10 pin header for PWM

  • 10x2 pin header for CAN and RS485

ZKit-ARM-1769 can be powered from

  • USB from PC

  • 5V External power supply with USB mini connector


ZKit-ARM-1769 is backed by extensive documentation in the form of manuals, API reference and tutorials in the internet. The currently available documentation from Zilogic is listed below.


Zilogic provides a Board Support Package (BSP) which has software development tools for both Windows and Linux. BSP contains

  • GCC - Free and open source compiler

  • Nuttx - a small footprint RTOS for micro-controller environments

  • Sample codes for all the interfaces

  • Diagnostics code to test the board features

  • Firmware programming software


Board Support Package (BSP) can be downloaded from below links. BSP can be downloaded as CD-ROM ISO file or as individual software tools.

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