Embedded Linux Dojo, Report

The "Embedded Linux Dojo" was organized by the Embedded Linux Meetup Group. The Embedded Linux Meetup Group is a Zilogic Systems initiative to bring together people working on Linux in Embedded Systems, with the hope to share knowledge and ideas.

The dojo was themed around building a WiFi router from scratch using a Embedded Linux target board, running Debian GNU/Linux. Here is the minutes of the event, contributed by Vengatesh.

Event Minutes

We were around 47 members, who had attended Embedded Linux Dojo. The members were split into 9 different teams (5 members in each team). Each team was given instructions to build a Wifi Router, using a Vybrid based target board, in a phased manner.

  • At first, we all started with establishing a peer-to-peer wired connection between the host PC and the target board.

  • Then we tried to connect the target board with the backbone network.

  • Later we enabled a Wifi hotspot (Access Point) in mobile phone as a Open Authentication and tried to connect with target board as a Wifi client and we tried the same thing with a secured authentication.

  • Then we created our own Wifi Router in the target board using hostapd and dnsmasq.

  • To provide an internet connection to Wifi router, we enabled routing, and NATing using iptables.

  • At 1:30 PM, we had a networking lunch break.

  • After everyone had built their own Wifi routers, each team started adding their own addon features in the Wifi router such as NAS, MAC Filtering, IP Filtering, Activity LED, WPS push button, Network Monitoring etc.

  • In the last 1 hour, one member in each team started demonstrating the feature built by their team to other team members.

Overall the event went wonderful. Thanks to the entire team who made this event a success.


Target Board


Teams at Work


Show & Tell