Git Workshop Report

The "Understanding Git, Workshop" was organized by Zilogic Systems, on Dec 3. About 46 people from various organizations participated in the workshop.

Session 1: Git Basics


The Git workshop started off with the basic Git commands. A project for building a book was used as an example repository. Concepts including branching, merging, repository creation, etc. were covered.

Session 2: Git Internals


With the basic command-line out of the way, the internals of Git was covered next. The internals of Git was explained, by building a model of a Git like version control system from scratch. The discussion started with building a single file version control system, and then adding support for commit logs, branching, merging, and finally multi-file support. The purpose and use of staging was also discussed.

Session 3: Git Remotes


With a strong foundation on using the Git repository locally, the mechanism for sharing changes with other developers was covered next. First, merging was revisited and different types of merge scenarios was discussed. Repository URLs, cloning repositories and pushing changes to remote repositories was covered next. Fetching changes, also introduced the concept of remote tracking branches.

Session 4: Git Workflow


Effective usage of Git, within a team of developers was discussed next. First, amending commits and rebasing was discussed as most workflows involved history re-writing to some extent. Next the centralized workflow and forking workflow was discussed. A demo of forking workflow, in GitHub was also provided.


Here are a few quotes from the reviews posted to the event page.


We would like to thank all the participants and participating organizations, for all the enthusiasm. We will be returning back with more meticulously hand crafted workshops. Stay tuned, you can sign-up on our enquiry page, to get notifications about upcoming workshops.