Introduction to Embedded Linux Build Systems

This article tries to brief the purpose of embedded Linux build systems and introduction to few of the popular ones.

To develop a Linux based embedded systems, it is required to compile the bootloader, kernel, filesystem and applications using script files using custom build procedures. An Embedded Linux Build System …

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ZDev, Open-source Library for Micro-controllers

ZDev is an open source software framework, consisting of modules for easy and quick embedded application development. ZDev is free and open source software, and is distributed under LGPL. ZDev currently supports the following microcontrollers:

  • P89V51RD2 - 8051 micro. from NXP

  • P89V664 - 8051 micro. from NXP

  • LPC1343 - ARM Cortex-M3 micro. from …

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ZKit-51-V664, 8051 Development Kit

Zilogic Systems' ZKit-51-V664 8051 Microcontroller development kit is a full featured development kit for prototype development. The ZKit-51-V664 has maximum set of peripherals and provides maximum flexibility with the break-out header for IOs. The ZKit-51-V664 8051 Microcontroller development kit comes with Zilogic’s ZDev library which provides a set of …

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ZKit-51-RD2, 8051 Development Kit

The ZKit-51-RD2 is an NXP P89V51RD2 based 8051 microcontroller development kit. The board can be used for prototype development by hobbyists and engineers. The board is also suitable for teaching and learning embedded system programming.


The ZKit-51-RD2 comes with

  • Display and On-board keys

  • Well defined IO connector interface for …

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Graphics LCD Interfacing With 8051

It may require some graphics image to be displayed in 8051 based products through a monochrome bitmap LCD. This is considered to be a complex task because of its bus interfacing and several command sequence handling. This article explains how a graphics LCD from TIANMA can be connected to a …

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