Seven Segment Board

The Seven Segment Board features a standard common-anode seven segment LED display, for testing, developing, prototyping seven-segment display applications like real time clocks, timers, counters and digital readouts.

This multiplexed display board has a built-in decoder needs only 3 control lines to select the required digit. All segments including decimal points are available for control, so that customized readout is made possible. The TTL compatible inputs allows this board work with most micro-controllers and control systems. Standard 0.1" FRC headers are provided for easy connection to other control systems. The board can be used for prototype development by hobbyists, engineers and students.


  • Standard 0.56" 7-Segment LED Display

  • 8 Digits for counter/timer applications

  • Supports decimal point

  • Powered from motherboard via FRC header

  • TTL compatible inputs

  • Standard 0.1" FRC header for connection to control logic/MCU

  • Ready to go with Zilogic mother boards.