USB ZigBee Adapter

ZigBee is a low power, wireless mesh network standard, largely used in the areas of home automation, medical data collection and industrial control. The USB ZigBee Adapter connects a PC or any USB capable host to a ZigBee network.

At the core of the USB ZigBee Adapter is the XBee …

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DC Motor Board

The DC Motor Board is a variable speed controller for 12V brushed DC motors at up to 1.0 Amp continuous current. This board offers a high degree of isolation with the use of high speed 10MBit/s Logic Gate opto-isolators for isolation between low voltage control side and high …

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ZKit-ARM-1343, ARM Development Kit

The ZKit-ARM-1343 is an NXP LPC1343 based 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller development kit. It is a full featured development kit, and can be used as a single board computer, for product developerment and prototype development. It provides flexibility through the break-out headers for IOs. The development kit provides the tools …

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Seven Segment Board

The Seven Segment Board features a standard common-anode seven segment LED display, for testing, developing, prototyping seven-segment display applications like real time clocks, timers, counters and digital readouts.

This multiplexed display board has a built-in decoder needs only 3 control lines to select the required digit. All segments including decimal …

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Relay Board

Relay board provides 4 relays to control high voltage and/or high current equipment. This Relay board is ideal for high voltage and high current switching applications.

It uses 12V relays to switch the control load, which supports switching up to 7A at 250VAC/30VDC load. Each relay can be …

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Stepper Motor Board

The Stepper Motor Board is designed to provide a stepper motor controller interface, with the opto isolation, to the CPU/MCU development boards. The board incorporates N-channel TrenchMOS logic level FET PMV45EN from NXP Semiconductors to drive high current with fast switching action. The MOSFET driver PMD9002D is also from …

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Temperature Sensor Board

The temperature sensor board is based on NXP’s SA56004 temperature sensor chip, which can be interfaced through I2C bus. IC SA56004 is an SMBus compatible, 11-bit remote/local digital temperature sensor with over temperature alarms. The remote channel of the board monitors a diode junction, such as a diode …

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