DC Motor Board

The DC Motor Board is a variable speed controller for 12V brushed DC motors at up to 1.0 Amp continuous current. This board offers a high degree of isolation with the use of high speed 10MBit/s Logic Gate opto-isolators for isolation between low voltage control side and high voltage motor side.

The heart of the board is an Si9986, an integrated, buffered H-bridge with TTL compatible inputs and the capability of delivering a continuous 1.0A at 12V with switching rates up to 200 kHz. By supporting high-frequency pulse width modulation (PWM), the DC motor can run smoothly and quietly over a wide speed range. This board includes two LED’s to show the PWM input signal states. Heavy duty screw terminal blocks are provided for easy motor connection.

The TTL compatible inputs allows this board to work with most of the microcontrollers and control systems. The Standard 0.1" FRC headers are provided for easy connection to other control systems. The board can be used for prototype development by hobbyists and engineers. The board is also suitable for teaching and learning DC Motor control programming.


  • Controls brushed 12V DC motors up to 1.0A continuous

  • High speed opto-isolated inputs

  • 200 kHz Switching Rate

  • PWM input signal state indication by LEDs

  • Heavy duty screw terminal blocks for motor connection

  • TTL compatible inputs

  • Standard 0.1" FRC header for connection to control logic/MCU

  • Ready to go with Zilogic’s mother boards.