Relay Board

Relay board provides 4 relays to control high voltage and/or high current equipment. This Relay board is ideal for high voltage and high current switching applications.

It uses 12V relays to switch the control load, which supports switching up to 7A at 250VAC/30VDC load. Each relay can be controlled with a standard TTL signal input. The Relay Board offers a high degree of isolation with the use of high speed opto-isolators for isolation between low voltage control side and high voltage switching side. The relay board includes four LED’s to show the relay states.

Power-on delay circuit is provided to give sufficient time to MCU/Control logic to initialise the control input lines to known state thereby avoiding momentary glitches on relay circuit. The TTL compatible inputs allows this board work with most microcontrollers and control systems. Standard 0.1" FRC headers are provided for easy connection to other control systems or tp Zilogic’s motherboards. The board can be used for prototype development by hobbyists, engineers and students.


  • 4 Relays for high voltage/high current switching Applications

  • Relays switch contacts rated 7A at 240VAC/30VDC

  • Standard 12V relay coil voltage

  • LED Indication for each Relay

  • Heavy duty screw terminal blocks for relay switch contacts

  • High Speed Opto-isolated inputs

  • Time delay circuit to avoid power-on glitches on relay circuit.

  • TTL compatible inputs

  • Standard 0.1" FRC header for connection to control logic/MCU

  • Ready to go with Zilogic mother boards.

  • Ideal for use in Industrial and Commercial Systems


  • /get?package=rly4x12v-p1&version=x&path=rly4x12v-p1-r1b-schematic.pdf[R1B Board Schematics]

  • /get?package=rly4x12v-p1&version=x&path=rly4x12v-p1-r1a-schematic.pdf[R1A Board Schematics]

  • /get?package=rly4x12v-p1&version=x&path=rly4x12v-p1-product-brief.pdf[Product Brief]

  • /get?package=rly4x12v-p1&version=x&path=rly4x12v-p1-user-manual.pdf[User Manual]