Stepper Motor Board

The Stepper Motor Board is designed to provide a stepper motor controller interface, with the opto isolation, to the CPU/MCU development boards. The board incorporates N-channel TrenchMOS logic level FET PMV45EN from NXP Semiconductors to drive high current with fast switching action. The MOSFET driver PMD9002D is also from NXP.

This board offers a high degree of isolation with the use of high speed opto-isolators, between low voltage control side and high voltage motor drive side. It also comes with series of LEDs to indicate each phase of the stepper signals. Power-on delay circuit is provided to give sufficient time to MCU/Control logic to initialise the stepper input signals to known state thereby avoiding momentary glitches on the motor circuit.

Heavy duty screw terminal blocks are provider for motor lines. A standard 6 PIN header is also provided for easy connection. The TTL compatible inputs allows this board to work with most micro-controllers and control systems. Standard 0.1" FRC headers are provided for easy connection to other control systems. The board can be used for prototype development by hobbyists, engineers and students.


  • Supports 12V/1Amp Stepper motor

  • MOSFET output drive

  • Resistor-Equipped Transistor (RET) as MOSFET driver

  • Heavy duty screw terminal blocks for motor connection

  • High Speed Opto-isolated inputs

  • LED Indication for each stepper phase.

  • TTL compatible inputs

  • Standard 0.1" FRC header for connection to control logic/MCU

  • Ready to go with Zilogic’s mother boards.