USB ZigBee Adapter

ZigBee is a low power, wireless mesh network standard, largely used in the areas of home automation, medical data collection and industrial control. The USB ZigBee Adapter connects a PC or any USB capable host to a ZigBee network.

At the core of the USB ZigBee Adapter is the XBee module from Digi, which implements the ZigBee stack. Once connected to the PC, the USB ZigBee Adapter is visible as a virutal COM port. The user can interact with the ZigBee stack, by sending commands through the virtual COM port.

The USB Zigbee Adapter also doubles up as an XBee Module Programmer for firmware upgrades.


  • USB Powered

  • Built in +3.3V regulator for XBee module

  • XBee ZB and XBee-PRO ZB compatible

  • LEDs for TX/RX and ZigBee state

  • Debug LED and Key

  • Local and remote loopback

Wireless Parameters

Parameter XBee ZB XBee-PRO ZB

Data rate



Indoor range



Line of sight



Tx. Power

1.25mW / 2mW


The international variant of XBee-Pro ZB are limited to 10mW Tx. Power