ZKit-51-V664, 8051 Development Kit

Zilogic Systems' ZKit-51-V664 8051 Microcontroller development kit is a full featured development kit for prototype development. The ZKit-51-V664 has maximum set of peripherals and provides maximum flexibility with the break-out header for IOs. The ZKit-51-V664 8051 Microcontroller development kit comes with Zilogic’s ZDev library which provides a set of easy to use API interfaces for rapid embedded firmware development


The ZKit-51-V664 offers the following features:

  • NXP P89V664 micro-controller with 64KB Flash and 2KB RAM

  • 18.432MHz crystal

  • Power supply

    • Auto selectable between USB or External power supply

  • On-board Peripherals

    • 128x64 Graphics LCD, with back-light

    • USB serial interface, for communication and program download

    • 4 Channel 10-Bit SPI ADC

    • 12-Bit I2C DAC

    • 2-Kb I2C EEPROM

    • Piezoelectric buzzer

    • Four button keypad

    • Push button with hardware de-bounce (interrupt input)

    • 2 debug LEDs

  • Connectors

    • 10 pin header for UART / I2C

    • 10 pin header for SPI

    • 10 pin header for PWM

    • 10 pin header for ADC/DAC

    • 10 pin header for Digital IO

    • USB, type B connector

    • Power jack for external power supply


  • No external power supply required

  • No Serial Port required

  • No External Programmer required

  • Powered by free and open source software

  • Works both in Linux & Windows

  • Supported by ZDev - a high level, versatile API from Zilogic

Extension Connectors

ZKit-51-V664 has a well defined IO connector interfaces for I2C, SPI, PWM, GPIO, SIO and AIO. It has standard FRC headers for extension. Add-on boards can be connected to these headers for exploring or building products

  • 10 pin header for UART/I2C

  • 10 pin header for SPI

  • 14 pin header for Digital IO

  • 10 pin header for ADC

  • 10 pin header for PWM

ZKit-51-V664 can be powered from

  • USB from PC

  • 5V External power supply


ZKit-51-V664 is backed by extensive documentation in the form of manuals, API references and tutorials. The currently available documentation is listed below.


Zilogic provides a Board Support Package (BSP) which has software development tools for both Windows and Linux. BSP contains

  • SDCC - Free and open source compiler

  • ZDev - Zilogic’s free and open source software library

  • Sample codes for all the interfaces

  • Diagnostics code to test the board features

  • Smash - Firmware programming software


Board Support Package (BSP) can be downloaded from below links. BSP can be downloaded as CD-ROM ISO file or as individual software tools.

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