U-Boot Meetup, Report

The "U-Boot Meetup" was organized by Zilogic Systems, on 24th September. About 30 people from various organizations attended the workshop.

Meeting minutes

The event started with a wonderful set of flash cards on the screen about the various U-Boot facts. Then there is a quick walkthrough of agenda, clarification on …

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Bringing MicroPython on NuttX

MicroPython is a lean and fast implementation of the Python3 programming language that is optimized to run on a microcontroller. In this article will show, the steps to compile MicroPython as a built-in app for NuttShell on NuttX over ZKit-ARM-1769.


The article Building NuttX for ZKit-ARM-1769 shows how to …

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BlackKite-Fleet, is a variant tailored to address mobile assets and fleet management applications, with integrated highly accurate SiRF IV GPS. It is built with additional features to address solutions beyond “Track and Trace”.

The device offers dedicated interfaces to monitor vehicle ignition, battery and panic button. The additional 3x digital …

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BlackKite-FleetPro is a robust and platform independent GPRS enabled vehicle telematics system. Its built-in accelerometer and OBD Interface eases, the monitoring and control of driving pattern and vehicle health.

Device Highlights


  • Built-in accelerometer for driving pattern monitoring.

  • E-Call & B-Call for emergency and breakdown alerts.

  • Optional OBD II Interface.

  • On-line …

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BlackKite-RTU is an affordable and expandable remote monitoring system supporting M2M cloud platforms via HTTP and MQTT protocols. It features rich set of IO and serial interface to acquire, monitor and control remote field devices at its best.

Device Highlights


  • Supports cloud-ready HTTP/MQTT device protocols.

  • IO expansion with …

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